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Can A Royal Princess One Day Lead the World?

Meghan Markle has an opportunity to create great meaning in her role as a royal princess. She will have the greatest impact if she leads through her “authenstory” which is the journey of her authentic self as it navigates this human existence. The authentic self is sometimes called “the seat of the soul.” As such, authentic Read more about Can A Royal Princess One Day Lead the World?[…]

About Presence

About Presence

Presence is about essence and energy. It is about you being present to yourself and to others.  It includes your moment to moment experience of the now. Presence involves both your visibility and the energy others experience of you. Being fully present is being completely awake to all aspects of being. No words are required. You Read more about About Presence[…]


When It Comes to Proverbs, Did Curiosity Get a Bad Rap?

As a young girl, I refused to believe that curiosity would kill a cat. After all, curiosity connects with life force energy that helps us survive and thrive, perhaps even contributing to the cat’s fabled nine lives. Herein we will challenge the judgment cast upon curiosity and the cat, while acknowledging this saying likely holds Read more about When It Comes to Proverbs, Did Curiosity Get a Bad Rap?[…]

Pausing to reflect can increase you vision and perspective with which to set a more effective intention.

Pause to Check your Intention to Improve Its Power and Effectiveness

Fuel your intention with a powerful energy. The energy fueling your intention can be more powerful than the intention itself. The road paved with good intentions will follows the pathway of the energy beneath the intent. When you dig deeply at the base of your intention, you will find one of the basic life energies Read more about Pause to Check your Intention to Improve Its Power and Effectiveness[…]

Notice & Engage With Kindness

Notice the Energy Shift When You Engage with Kindness of Presence

On that windy and frigid Manhattan evening, folks in the theater line were pre-occupied with simply staying warm. No one seemed to notice a young sidewalk musician as he shivered in the cold. You could barely hear him singing above the murmur of the crowd. However, when the singer began an old Beatles tune, “Let Read more about Notice the Energy Shift When You Engage with Kindness of Presence[…]

The Wisdom in the Story of Both & And

Even though you now only see clear blue sky and feel crisp autumn air, the situation post hurricane is dire for some.  It can be difficult to find a center of wisdom. Many are inundated with cold flood waters. Most still don’t have clean drinking water. Some have no way to even boil water, as Read more about The Wisdom in the Story of Both & And[…]

Your Leadership Story

Think about the leadership story you live and tell.  Is it your truth, or is it superficially wrapped and tied with a bow? An authentic story aligns with your core values and with the truth of who you are. Some tell a story that is not in alignment with their truth. This is more about Read more about Your Leadership Story[…]

Creativity is Storytelling from the Soul

Creativity is storytelling straight from the soul. Sharing your art adds to the collective wisdom of all. Not everyone will be able to receive the gift you share.  To fully appreciate your art, others must have a capacity for self-reflection. For some, your work will be a welcomed salve to the soul. You can witness Read more about Creativity is Storytelling from the Soul[…]

This is My Story, This is My Song

A song can remind us of times long past. Music can also trigger physiological memories. When a song triggers both your story and your soul connections, you can feel the associated electrical and chemical energy coursing neurologically through your body. A close friend showed me a photo of a plaque she thought I should hang in Read more about This is My Story, This is My Song[…]

Leading With Your Soul

Leadership is too often about ego dynamics and an attachment to your story, resulting in much of the dysfunction we see in our world. True authentic leadership is a powerful story about leading with your soul, which is  much easier to say than do. Leading with soul is to be guided by higher levels of values Read more about Leading With Your Soul[…]