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In the hustle and bustle of this material world, it can be challenging to make time to connect with the truth of who you are. Do you know who you really are?

Music is one of many ways to connect to the spirit of you. Perhaps this bit of mythology can some provide inspiration:

In ancient cultures that existed before the time of written words, a story was passed down through oral tradition.

As one story goes, when a newborn arrived the women of the village gathered around mother and baby in the forest to welcome the newly arrived spirit. There they celebrated and connected to the spiritual energy that had come to join them.

Eventually during the ritual, one woman would be inspired to emit a musical sound arising from her connection with the new energy. Slowly, and one by one, the other women joined in forming a chorus of song. This lullaby, of sorts, became the unique song belonging to the newborn child. 

Throughout infancy and childhood, mother and family sang the baby its song.  At rites of passage, this song was always sung.  

When the child was ill, instead of medication, everyone gathered around and sang the song to reflect and reinforce the child’s spiritual energy. Instead of punishment, all the mom had to do was to sing the child its song.  Even in adulthood, when a tribal member went astray from the culture, the entire tribe gathered around and sang him his song, and this reminded him of who he really was.  

Decades later, when the person approached the end of his life, the tribe gathered around one final time and sang this song to carry their brother or sister along on the next journey.  

Later, when the loved one was missed, folks gathered around and sang this song to honor the eternal interconnectedness of the spirit.  

Try creating some space today to connect to and remember who you are through song, meditation, art, or prayer.