January 11, 2016

Consultation & Coaching

clockssmNavigate complex situations to build sustainable healthy relationships and cultures


Brief Consultation and/or Coaching – Engage quickly and intensively to address immediate work and/or life issues. Leave this process feeling fully understood and having greater clarity, insight, focus, and strategy.

Ongoing Advisory Relationship – Partner with me in ongoing consultation and/or coaching to work towards your unique longer term objectives and dreams.  This allows your to nip potential issues in the bud before they ever become problems and helps you maintain a clear path for your dedicated journey.

Strategic Planning & Update – Initiate an energized planning process that produces meaningful goals that are spot on with the values, vision and purpose within yourself and across your business and/or organization.

Communication & Meetings – Create an environment that fosters trust to support courageous and effective dialogue that allows you to flow unimpeded on your path.

Problem Solving  – Learn to trust your intuition and develop deeper insight towards solutions for any compelling issues you currently face.

Cultural & Relationship Building Retreats – Design a sustainable and healthy culture built on a foundation of shared values, vision and purpose with a customized and co-created process that fits your unique needs. The ultimate objective of such a process is to build a sustainable foundation that will bring you into a healthier relationship with what is important to you in your work and your life.