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Can A Royal Princess One Day Lead the World?

Meghan Markle has an opportunity to create great meaning in her role as a royal princess. She will have the greatest impact if she leads through her “authenstory” which is the journey of her authentic self as it navigates this human existence. The authentic self is sometimes called “the seat of the soul.” As such, authentic Read more about Can A Royal Princess One Day Lead the World?[…]

Pausing to reflect can increase you vision and perspective with which to set a more effective intention.

Pause to Check your Intention to Improve Its Power and Effectiveness

Fuel your intention with a powerful energy. The energy fueling your intention can be more powerful than the intention itself. The road paved with good intentions will follows the pathway of the energy beneath the intent. When you dig deeply at the base of your intention, you will find one of the basic life energies Read more about Pause to Check your Intention to Improve Its Power and Effectiveness[…]

The Wisdom in the Story of Both & And

Even though you now only see clear blue sky and feel crisp autumn air, the situation post hurricane is dire for some.  It can be difficult to find a center of wisdom. Many are inundated with cold flood waters. Most still don’t have clean drinking water. Some have no way to even boil water, as Read more about The Wisdom in the Story of Both & And[…]

Unconditional love, like that which we get from our canine friends, can be the most powerful emotional experience on the planet.

Love is a Powerful Emotional Experience Metric to Always Consider

“I love how I feel when I’m with you” is the story of an emotional experience you will always remember. But as most know all too well, unless this feeling comes from an authentic source, your expectations can later be painfully dashed. A positive experience is stimulated by both exciting and soothing the emotions.  Awe Read more about Love is a Powerful Emotional Experience Metric to Always Consider[…]

Connect to the Truth of Who You Are

In the hustle and bustle of this material world, it can be challenging to make time to connect with the truth of who you are. Do you know who you really are? Music is one of many ways to connect to the spirit of you. Perhaps this bit of mythology can some provide inspiration: In Read more about Connect to the Truth of Who You Are[…]

Your Leadership Story

Think about the leadership story you live and tell.  Is it your truth, or is it superficially wrapped and tied with a bow? An authentic story aligns with your core values and with the truth of who you are. Some tell a story that is not in alignment with their truth. This is more about Read more about Your Leadership Story[…]

Leading With Your Soul

Leadership is too often about ego dynamics and an attachment to your story, resulting in much of the dysfunction we see in our world. True authentic leadership is a powerful story about leading with your soul, which is  much easier to say than do. Leading with soul is to be guided by higher levels of values Read more about Leading With Your Soul[…]

Being True to Yourself

Many live a story of who they think are, or who they think they are supposed to be, rather than remaining true to who they really are. It happens by not being fully mindful of that quiet voice deep within.   Or worse yet, maybe you ignored your inner wisdom altogether! It is often only Read more about Being True to Yourself[…]

The Story You Live And Tell

The Story You Live and Tell

The story you live and tell is the ongoing narrative of your life.  It is how you connect the dots of the facts of experience. We tell a story as a way to make sense of things, including making sense of yourself. You are the author of your story.  As such you can edit and Read more about The Story You Live and Tell[…]