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Your neuropathways transmit your story.

Some pathways are misaligned among your values, purpose and the story you live and tell. It requires courage to let go of these smooth and well trodden paths in lieu of choosing a road less traveled.

You can live and tell an awesome story when you choose to rewire these pathways. This potential is fully within your grasp.

When you partner with me, I will help you create a pathway that will take you where you truly want and deserve to go.


    Explore your strengths and blind spots. Become a greater version of you.

  • Dynamic Foundation

    Undergird your efforts with emotional, interpersonal, and existential intelligence.

  • Spirited Engagement

    Connect from the inside out. Be fully attuned to self and others.

  • Expert Utilization

    Lead with your strengths, preferences and maximized potentials.


    Live and tell an awesome story fully aligned with your personal and organizational mission and strategy.


Be a conscious leader who builds connections and manifests well-being and joy.

Align the story you live and tell with the truth of who you really are.

Understand more about why it is that you do the things you do.

Sustain a deep abiding presence firmly rooted in meaning and purpose.

Lead and live authentically, consciously, and with full integrity,

Above all, live and lead with love.

Hi, I’m Cindy Hardwick and I live and lead from a place of love.

Learn more about me here and ways to connect.

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