A community for discovering your missing spark

So you can finally launch the life and work you love.

With your constant drive to perform, there’s a ton of pressure, stress, and sometimes outright anxiety you deal with, and while you’ve ‘made it’ and are really good at what you do…

  • You wake up and wonder, “How did I get here? Am I on the right path? What’s going to light me up and bring me joy? And most of all, what’s going to bring me freedom and inner peace?”
  • If you’re honest with yourself, you’re just sick and tired of feeling pressured to do what’s expected of you!
  • The constant weight of feeling stressed, overwhelmed and depleted is taking its toll.
  • You’re tied down to something that’s just not fueling you, and that sense of inner peace isn’t there.
  • For many years it worked well enough to keep plugging away, burying yourself in your work and avoiding what you didn’t want to feel…

Because if you’re like many of the people in our Your Life Of Plenty community, underneath all that pressure and hard work are things you don’t want to recognize and feel – and now that’s getting in the way of the life you want.

Whether it was in childhood, early relationship or both, you’ve probably experienced significant betrayal, losses, or trauma in your life,

And maybe you’ve even had others come after you and question your integrity or reputation.

So while you want to experience more creative work and have a more fulfilling life… Something inside just keeps you stalled out or even stuck…

Going a gazillion miles an hour and not making much progress forward!

The Life You Want

Whether you’re a practitioner, professional, executive or business owner, Your Life of Plenty is where you can say yes to your vision
of the creative endeavor that’s calling to you (and finally get off the hamster wheel).

Maybe it’s a coaching or consulting business, an entrepreneurial venture, a creative new revenue stream, or even a book you’re writing. Or perhaps you know you want something different… even if you don’t know what “it” is yet!

What you do know is that you can’t continue living the life you have. And if you’re really honest, you struggle with staying committed to yourself…

Because your work (and life) has always centered around your commitment to others… There’s little energy remaining to make yourself a priority.

And all that internal pressure of living up to the needs and expectations of others leaves you with a scarcity of resources to draw upon for activating what’s next for yourself, right?

While you’re really clear about what you don’t want anymore, either there’s no clear vision of what the replacement is — or you’re simply uncertain about how to get there.

Instead, the only thing you’re clear about right now is that you want some freedom and inner peace.

But if you allowed yourself to dream a little, what’s under this yearning is a much deeper desire…

… To be sparked

… To get activated

… To feel vital and alive

… To have your creative juices stirred

That’s the state in which you can look at and discern what might be next for you – where you can find a way to bring a more authentic part of you to your work… To finally feel at peace and have freedom in your life and career.

Because living stressed out in a life that’s expected of you certainly isn’t the authentic life you crave

And, here’s the challenge, my friend….

As much as you want it, I’m sorry to say that NONE of this is possible when you’re on the brink of burnout, living the life you’re “supposed” to live instead of the one that’s in your heart and soul.

But as things are now…

There’s no room for joy.

No time for creativity.

No room to take action on what you want.

Here’s the real secret…

You don’t have to leave behind those you love, but you must allow them to be more responsible for themselves so you can prioritize your own journey.

If you’re like the people in our community, it’s not a “situation” you want out of – it’s a pattern that no longer serves or sustains you. 

It looks like this: throughout your life, you’ve had bouts of hyper-productivity, where you drive, drive, drive…

Trying to be the person you think you’re supposed to be.

Until you move into burnout for a while.

But then you do it again … and again, and again, and again.

Yes, I know it seems to be working (and it is on the surface)…

But it’s unsustainable if what you truly want is peace in your soul.

Which is why you’re on the brink of burnout now!

So if you’re really honest with yourself, you know that this pattern of go, go, go, crash… go, go, go… crash… has got to be gone. 

And so does all the old programming that’s pushed you to live a life that’s not really authentic to you.

What you need instead is Your Life of Plenty.

Your Life Of Plenty


A home for your soul
with deep support from our community of high integrity peers,
led by a psychologist / professional coach

What’s Included…

  • Unique creative genius/gifts-of-adversity discovery process
  • Process for ongoing discovery, dreaming, designing, and delivery around your gifts
  • Weekly 90-minute deep work with your peers (face-to-face in an online conference)
  • Weekly 90-minute creative incubation group (face-to-face in an online conference)
  • Twice monthly individualized coaching for personal guidance
  • Ongoing virtual support and connection with your cohorts via our messaging platform
  • Email support

What You Can Count On…

  • Create mindset shifts for congruency, alignment, and personal integrity
  • Discover your creative genius and your gifts of adversity
  • Design work aligned authentically with the core essence of you
  • Build rock-solid self-trust as you incubate and hone your work
  • Receive strategic guidance to create success with your creative ideas
  • Feel supported, knowing you no longer have to do this work alone
  • Belong in our safe & curated community of high integrity, intelligent peers
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We’ll discuss a bit about the life you’ve lived, the life you’re longing for, and how to get there.

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