Creative Well-Being

…The most important human relationship we have is that to our own inner creative being.

…Each of us is born with a creative spark, but it often gets suppressed along life’s journey.

…Creativity is our ability to connect the dots to make something purposeful and meaningful from what otherwise appears to be random or chaotic around us.

…Our human adversities create conditions for the formation of our most unique and precious gifts.

…When we courageously shine the light in the darkest of places, we find diamonds hidden among the broken shards of glass.

…Despite the challenges of our humanity, we are each responsible for our own inner experience.

…The way we perceive and tell the story determines the meaning we make of our humanity.

…Sometimes our most regrettable moments were only temporary — but nonetheless clever — attempts to manage overwhelming feelings and circumstances.

…Each of us has the opportunity to create a living masterpiece of our lives and work.

…We can engage the breath of life in ways that fuel our spark, or we can slowly suffocate and extinguish its flame.

…Each spark is connected to the life force energy of the Universe, an essence so powerful it fuels the breath of our lives.

…A spark fueled with love burns more slowly and sustainably than one fueled by fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, or greed.

…Living aligned with the essence of our spark is a spiritual journey that promotes resilience and supports a sustainable sense of well-being.


Cindy is Founder of Your Life of Plenty.  She is a globally accredited Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, a retiring Licensed Psychologist of the State of North Carolina, a Certified Group Practitioner through the International Society of Group Psychotherapy, and a Certified Change Consultant with Barrett Values Center.  

Her clients are a growing number of professionals who are quietly breaking from conventional paths to spark the freedom, joy, and peace they crave in their lives and work. Cindy’s spontaneous and creative approach is one that circumvents the burnout process so endemic to our excessively driven and conflicted world.

The energy of excitement, hope, and confidence surrounds clients as they work with Cindy to create often uncharted paths forward in their lives and work. She humbly and effectively integrates best practices of Appreciative Inquiry, Transformational Self-Leadership, and Coaching Psychology, all solidly grounded in current day neuroscience.   

Nearly four decades of experience provide Cindy a deep grasp on the inner and interpersonal dynamics necessary to create and sustain a life of sustainable wellbeing. 

Cindy’s clients are executives, professionals, doctors, business owners, consultants, coaches, and healing practitioners. Over the course of her career, she has often served challenging populations from more than 70 nationalities in a plethora of settings, making her the ideal professional to serve you in chronically chaotic and uncertain times.

I absolutely love this woman. If you are thinking about hiring a coach who is sensitive, knowledgable, experienced and spiritually connected in every way, don’t think twice. Cindy is the best!!!!


Dr. Hardwick is truly inspiring. As a coach and a psychologist, Cindy’s compassion, creativity, and passion for helping people is incomparable. Cindy works relentlessly to get you the desired outcome you wish to have in your life, taking you and your business from striving to thriving!  


I continue to be grateful for our work together — and the self-sufficiency and personal freedom that have followed.


Dr. Hardwick helped me find myself during an extremely difficult time in my life many years ago. Because of her and other factors in my life, I am a licensed professional counselor helping others during stressful and difficult times in their lives. I am forever grateful to Dr. Hardwick for the empathy and understanding she showed me during our sessions together. Thank you so very much.


Dr. Hardwick is intelligent, insightful, thoughtful and caring. She understands behavior at different levels and can efficiently and effectively influence change. I highly value her opinions and often consult her when I feel stuck.


Dr. Hardwick is a wonderful colleague and consultant. She quickly responds and provides sound consultations. Her wisdom is refreshing in the hectic pace of health care. I admire her wise and peaceful demeanor…. She is truly a role model. I’m so blessed that our paths have crossed!


Dr. Hardwick is by far the most compassionate and authentic psychologist I have worked with thus far.  She is incredibly diligent and caring. I truly appreciate her in our community.