January 7, 2016



When you lead from a place of love, you increase your connectivity and experience of joy. That inner place of peace and wisdom enhances your effectiveness with people, ideas, and ultimate solutions.

The most important relationship impacting leadership is the one you have with your own inner being. As a conscious leader, it serves you well to deeply know and understand the internal operating systems that shape thoughts, feelings, and actions in yourself and in those all around you.

As your Trusted Advisor, I bring you nearly four decades of knowledge and applied experience in personal and relational dynamics. My job is to support you to lead your life on purpose. My life’s work is about effecting transformation and change over the lifespan of individuals and the systems around them.

Together we identify and work with the often invisible forces at play within yourself and in the relationships, culture, and systems all around you. We quickly surface and make sense of the intangibles which create misalignments that can impede your progress and disrupt your flow. You will learn more about leading your life consciously and on purpose in ways that increase your connectivity with others and your overall experience of joy in being.

I leave no stone unturned in my curiosity and quest to get you where it is you want to go. My nonjudgmental approach is intuitive, insightful, and inspirational. I bring you a unique blend of Consulting and Coaching Psychology, theoretically grounded in an integrative and holistic approach that includes dynamic systems and mindful awareness.

I Lead With Love.

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