September 23, 2018

From the Brink of Burnout to Your Life of Plenty

Your Life Of Plenty is a community for capturing the spark that lights you up so you can finally launch the life and career you love. 

You’re now mid to late career — and you recognize you’ve spent way too much time doing what you thought you were “supposed to” do rather than the things you’ve wanted to do. 

You’ve worked hard to build the life and career you have – and you’ve truly done quite well…but you’ve often made the needs of others your priority, and now it’s time to activate that spark of energy for yourself! 

Because you feel a deep hunger for something more, perhaps even something a bit different…The only problem is, you might not know what that “something” is… 

And even if you do have a vision for more, you might not know how to get there – or how to get out of your own way in the process. 

Your Life Of Plenty is a community where you can reconnect with what’s most authentically true about you, rediscover your creative spark, let go of the burnout racket and your fears of “not enough”… so you can finally launch what lights you up and brings you peace. 

And isn’t that what your life of plenty is all about?

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