Grow Your Spark

How to Grow Your Spark!

It only takes a tiny spark to build a rip-roaring fire. Our thoughts and feelings grow from a single spark in much the same way. We tend to have Velcro for noticing the sparks we don’t want, and we have Teflon for those we do. Thus, we unwittingly grow what is undesired when we allow a negative Read more about How to Grow Your Spark![…]


Be Intentional About Your Energy Today

Energy makes a difference. It can connect or separate us. Even one person can change the energy around them, positively or negatively. Negative energy is driven by fear and aversive emotions.  Positive energy is fueled by love. It makes sense to be intentional about your energy and its origins. Fear-driven energy often originates in the fears Read more about Be Intentional About Your Energy Today[…]

Appreciation Boosts Engagement When Expressed with Heartfelt Gratitude

Heartfelt expression of appreciation boosts engagement with others.  It improves both climate and culture of those around you by building trust and cultivating benevolence. When gratitude is given sincerely with love and kindness, it can neutralize and transform negative energy. Gratitude is inspirational.  It is the gift that keeps on giving — it invites re-gifting to Read more about Appreciation Boosts Engagement When Expressed with Heartfelt Gratitude[…]