intentionalEnergy makes a difference. It can connect or separate us. Even one person can change the energy around them, positively or negatively. Negative energy is driven by fear and aversive emotions.  Positive energy is fueled by love.

It makes sense to be intentional about your energy and its origins.

Fear-driven energy often originates in the fears that there is not enough.  These fears include that we won’t have enough, get enough, or be enough in some way or other. Frustration over a blocked goal can be fear that I won’t get what I want (enough). Anger over being criticized or slighted is about the fear that I am not enough or that I didn’t receive enough respect.

Love-driven energy is backed by such virtues as compassion, generosity, appreciation, kindness, etc. When you come from an intention of love, you can shift the impact and meaning of the story you live and tell.

Take charge of your energy. Here are the steps: Pause by taking a breath and getting curious about your beliefs and thoughts. Allow your curiosity to provide the space for you to gain a broader perspective. Next, apply one or more virtues of love towards yourself or the situation. Then watch your energy shift.

Your energy matters. It is experienced by everyone around you, including you! It influences how you and others feel, and the resulting choices that are made.

Be intentional about your energy today. For a deeper dive, pause to check the intention beneath your energy. Then observe just how much more effective you can be when you bring intentional love-driven energy to your work and your life.


Originally published in November 2016, revised and re-published 5/31/2018.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is the Trusted Leadership Advisor, Coaching & Consulting Psychologist, and global ICF-PCC Credentialed Coach. She brings you nearly four decades of experience in the arena of personal and relational dynamics, growth, and transformation. 

She integrates current research and best practices with ancient philosophy to facilitate meaningful connections and change in individuals, relationships, and workplace cultures. She is known for her intuitive, inspirational, and nonjudgmental approach. 

Cindy offers her own unique brand of Coaching and Consulting Psychology to those in positions of leadership and service to others.  Her mission is to facilitate and support you in the necessary exploration and growth that will bring forth the best of who you are to your life, your relationships, and your work.   

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