Grow Your Spark

It only takes a tiny spark to build a rip-roaring fire. Our thoughts and feelings grow from a single spark in much the same way.

We tend to have Velcro for noticing the sparks we don’t want, and we have Teflon for those we do. Thus, we unwittingly grow what is undesired when we allow a negative to attach to our velcro. Meanwhile, we may not even notice a positive spark, which we then let slide on by.

Did you know that when you become conscious about what’s going on inside of you, then you can choose where to put your focus which then determines how you feel?

We get to choose how we experience the circumstances of our lives. We can be intentional about which sparks we want to focus on and grow.

To help you visualize this process, here is a graphic for you:

Below is a summary of the steps you can take to grow any sparks you wish to sustain:

  1. Notice the spark. Is it one you want to grow?
  2. If yes, then focus deeply on its feeling in your body.
  3. Next, visualize expanding it and spreading it throughout your body.
  4. You can then amplify it with a laser-like focus.
  5. The build neuropathways by repeating Steps #2, #3, & #4.
  6. Sustain it by repeating #5 and noticing the desirable outcomes.
  7. Now grow your spark into a rip-roaring fire!

I challenge you to devote a minimum of 10-20 seconds on each step involving a spark that fuels you and that you truly want to grow. Let go of those that don’t bring you joy. You can grow positive feelings as easily as you can vision them. However, if you focus on what you don’t want, you can grow that too!

Ultimately, you are the one who decides which sparks you want to grow, those that create suffering or those that bring you peace, joy, and love.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is a Coaching and Consulting Psychologist with nearly four decades of experience. She specializes in well-being for healthcare professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Learn more about her here and at her website