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Can A Royal Princess One Day Lead the World?

Meghan Markle has an opportunity to create great meaning in her role as a royal princess. She will have the greatest impact if she leads through her “authenstory” which is the journey of her authentic self as it navigates this human existence. The authentic self is sometimes called “the seat of the soul.” As such, authentic Read more about Can A Royal Princess One Day Lead the World?[…]

Seven Easy Ways To A Mindful Mindset In Any Circumstance

In distressful times, it can be especially helpful to rest in moments of inner peace.  Here are seven easy ways to create a mindful mindset, no matter how dire your circumstances. First ground yourself by counting five things you see, four things you hear, three things you feel, two things you smell, and one thing Read more about Seven Easy Ways To A Mindful Mindset In Any Circumstance[…]

Your Leadership Story

Think about the leadership story you live and tell.  Is it your truth, or is it superficially wrapped and tied with a bow? An authentic story aligns with your core values and with the truth of who you are. Some tell a story that is not in alignment with their truth. This is more about Read more about Your Leadership Story[…]

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Transform Fear with Curiosity – Shake Hands With Your Tiger

Fear can seriously undermine your leadership effectiveness.   But you can transform fear in your waking life as well as in your dreams. Recently, I had a dream in which  a ferocious tiger was chasing me inside a room.  He could knock me over with a mere sideways glance. I couldn’t get away from him Read more about Transform Fear with Curiosity – Shake Hands With Your Tiger[…]

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Courageous Presence: Mindfulness Even in Times of Adversity

To live and lead effectively, you must develop and maintain an authentically courageous presence.  This is not to be confused with false bravado.  Authentic courage is actually about love. Maintaining a courageous presence means you must come home to and be in alignment with your true self, aka your soul and your higher power. Interestingly, Read more about Courageous Presence: Mindfulness Even in Times of Adversity[…]

Transcending A Difficult Moment

In the blink of an eye, what was up is now down, what was down is now up, and everything is now inside out and outside in. The intensity of the thoughts and emotion seem unbearable.  Some ordinary something, or perhaps not so ordinary at all, has pricked you, oh so deeply. This simply can’t be! Read more about Transcending A Difficult Moment[…]

The Story You Live And Tell

The Story You Live and Tell

The story you live and tell is the ongoing narrative of your life.  It is how you connect the dots of the facts of experience. We tell a story as a way to make sense of things, including making sense of yourself. You are the author of your story.  As such you can edit and Read more about The Story You Live and Tell[…]