Think about the leadership story you live and tell.  Is it your truth, or is it superficially wrapped and tied with a bow? An authentic story aligns with your core values and with the truth of who you are.

Some tell a story that is not in alignment with their truth. This is more about who they want to be or perhaps who they think they should be. Others tell a story they believe to be true, but they are living solely in ego and are not fully conscious to the truth of their spirit.

The most unfortunate story is the judgmental one you tell in your head about yourself.  This story doesn’t recognize the goodness of your truth.

The story you tell is often historical.  It is taken from the meaning you have made of all those life circumstances and events over time.  This is your summation of the person you believe you are or should be. It is a story you create from your ego.  This story does an injustice to the purity of the true essence of you.

Mindfulness practice can help you step back from your ego and awaken to your truth. Once you let go of ego and its associated wants and needs, you can begin to see the pure nature of your being.

Courageous presence is required to live a genuine story with intention each moment to be aligned with your truth.  Courageous presence can help you recognize and not get ensnared by your ego and the accompanying story in your head.

Over time, an authentic story appreciates in value, character, and beauty.  A well told leadership story, when authentic, is an invaluable marketing tool.

Folks recognize truth because it always stands the test of time.