mindful mindset

In distressful times, it can be especially helpful to rest in moments of inner peace.  Here are seven easy ways to create a mindful mindset, no matter how dire your circumstances.

First ground yourself by counting five things you see, four things you hear, three things you feel, two things you smell, and one thing you taste.

Then try any one or more of these things:

1 – Find moments of peace in the pauses after inhales and exhales.

2 – Say something loving and kind to yourself or to someone you care about.

3 – Repeat a short mantra in your head or out loud: This too shall pass… Just this one moment…

4 – Notice and lighten your expression, posture, and tone, including the voice inside your head.

5 – Name three things you can be grateful for, and/or find three things going right.

6 – Do exactly what is necessary in each moment and as skillfully as possible.

7 – Be still and recognize the higher power of wisdom always residing within you.

A mindful mindset can help you sustain a courageous presence to support you through any adversity.