Remove the Mask to Know Yourself Deeply

Unfortunately, you know all too well what it’s like to have been broken open. Perhaps more than once you’ve been shattered or even burned in a firestorm.  You sometimes still feel you’re on shaky ground, struggling to find that one tiny parcel to support you. Meanwhile, you hide behind a mask because you’re still hurt Read more about Remove the Mask to Know Yourself Deeply[…]

The Secret Sauce is Your Creative Genius

Maybe you’ve found yourself at the brink of burnout, stuck in a system that no longer fits who you are.  Perhaps you’ve built your life around a respected line of work, but it’s stifling you, inhibiting your joy, and destroying your inner peace.  For years you may have denied deep rumblings urging you in a Read more about The Secret Sauce is Your Creative Genius[…]

Grow Your Spark

How to Grow Your Spark!

It only takes a tiny spark to build a rip-roaring fire. Our thoughts and feelings grow from a single spark in much the same way. We tend to have Velcro for noticing the sparks we don’t want, and we have Teflon for those we do. Thus, we unwittingly grow what is undesired when we allow a negative Read more about How to Grow Your Spark![…]

Creativity is Storytelling from the Soul

Creativity is storytelling straight from the soul. Sharing your art adds to the collective wisdom of all. Not everyone will be able to receive the gift you share.  To fully appreciate your art, others must have a capacity for self-reflection. For some, your work will be a welcomed salve to the soul. You can witness Read more about Creativity is Storytelling from the Soul[…]

sole held together with the upper boot with a rubberband

Improvise and Stretch – One Early Lesson in Leadership

Adversity and uncertainty bring us the opportunity to learn important life lessons. This is the meaning I make of the adversities I personally experience. As a young girl, when I experienced frustration about a lack of available resources in our household, I would complain. But my Dad’s response was consistently: “Just go look around you, Read more about Improvise and Stretch – One Early Lesson in Leadership[…]