Unfortunately, you know all too well what it’s like to have been broken open. Perhaps more than once you’ve been shattered or even burned in a firestorm. 

You sometimes still feel you’re on shaky ground, struggling to find that one tiny parcel to support you.  

You remain deeply hurt and afraid and you feel so inadequate that you hide behind a mask so no one can see your tears. 

The mask helps you feel temporarily stronger, but it’s fragile, and not who you are — neither is your pain! 

The TRUTH is you must allow yourself to go deeply where it hurts. You’ll need to remove your mask to discover the treasures beneath it. 

You’ll need to sit vulnerably, compassionately, and objectively embracing and embodying all aspects of you fully.  It’s important to neither dramatize nor minimize — just simply be in the experience.  Meanwhile, your wise inner spirit knows the way through the dense forest, and your vulnerable self grows to trust and follow her.  

As you emerge, your newly found deep self-knowledge leads to a solid sense of self-trust, which allows you to then see yourself with clarity and banishes the overwhelming fear. 

What self-trust can look like for you is:

  • Feeling pressure free, fully alive, and you get to be you
  • Feeling confident and relaxed as you go about your day
  • Making decisions without asking for permission or approval
  • Embracing self-compassion instead of beating yourself up
  • Finally seeing your purpose in this world with clarity

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Dr. Cindy Hardwick is a Coaching and Consulting Psychologist with nearly four decades of experience. She specializes in wellbeing for holistically informed healthcare professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Learn more about her here https://linktr.ee/cjhardwickphd and at her website CynthiaHardwick.com.