beautiful girl in beams of an evening decline

Creativity is storytelling straight from the soul. Sharing your art adds to the collective wisdom of all.

Not everyone will be able to receive the gift you share.  To fully appreciate your art, others must have a capacity for self-reflection.

For some, your work will be a welcomed salve to the soul. You can witness the connection in their eyes and feel it through their heart energy. Your gift validates their work and provides a springboard for personal and professional development. Their willingness to participate in this collective venture supports unlimited growth potential for all.

However, there will be those who are unable to identify with work expressed uniquely from soul.  Many will not fathom it’s complexity, appreciate the wisdom, or trust your intuitive bent. There may be others who feel threatened, territorial, and/or not wish to share the work collectively.  A few many even misunderstand or misrepresent your intent.

When you have shared so powerfully from the depths of your being, it can be painful to have your work criticized or dismissed in these ways. Your ego will find it difficult not to take offense. Yet telling a judgmental story in your head will only prolong your pain.

Any reproach you receive is likely not about you, nor about the time, place, or manner in which your work is revealed. Be aware that not everyone will be primed and able to receive your gift.  Also consider that sometimes those most dismissive of your work are the souls who have been the most deeply affected.

Your art is a gift, but only a seed.  The long-term effect of your work is yet undetermined.

The ego thrives on the immediate fruits of your labor.  Creativity is about something much more profound and long-lasting.