Holding space is the gift of your presence. Often you give this to others without recognizing you need it for yourself. 

This is so much more than carving out quiet time in which to sit with another or to be with yourself. It’s a practice that involves the essence of you and the intentional energy of your presence. (See also my post: About Presence).

You can’t hold space for others until you can first hold space for yourself. Creating a safe container for others requires that you be able to contain yourself.

Holding space is a practice connecting you deeply to your soul. This is a place where the essence of you resides. Here you can distinguish the difference between the wants and needs of your ego and the deepest desires of your being. Your highest wisdom is also accessed in this space.

The things most important to you that you value become clear as you come to understand more fully who it is you really are. This knowledge is a powerful decision-making tool for making daily choices that support you to live a life you can love and feel proud of.

It’s important to capture this practice of holding space. Carry it with you each and every day.  Securely wrapped in your own safe container, things can’t so easily get inside and stick to your velcro. In this way, you can more easily hold onto the true essence of you, where you’ll be less reactive and more capable to stay the course of your intentions. 

Imagine being able to feel your feelings when you feel them, all without the urgency of ego reactivity. Imagine being able to stay open and curious even in the most challenging arena. Imagine developing the ability to create interesting, innovative, and joyful moments, even when you’re under duress.  

If you’re not living a life you love, then you’re likely living a life driven by fear. Such is the way of the ego. This is how it helps you survive, even though it all too often mistakes a stick for a snake.

When you routinely hold space for yourself, you gain the power to shift your future trajectory.

Let yourself to benefit from the sacred practice of cultivating space to be fully present to the being of you. Learn to differentiate between the struggles of your ego and the virtuous desires of your soul.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is a Coaching and Consulting Psychologist with nearly four decades of experience.  Learn more here: https://cynthiahardwick.com/bio/ and CynthiaHardwick.com.