Unconditional love, like that which we get from our canine friends, can be the most powerful emotional experience on the planet.

Love is a Powerful Emotional Experience Metric to Always Consider

“I love how I feel when I’m with you” is the story of an emotional experience you will always remember. But as most know all too well, unless this feeling comes from an authentic source, your expectations can later be painfully dashed. A positive experience is stimulated by both exciting and soothing the emotions.  Awe Read more about Love is a Powerful Emotional Experience Metric to Always Consider[…]

The Magic of Breathing Under Water

This was no ordinary dream.  It  was a dream about authentic and transformative leadership: I was swimming peacefully along the bottom of the pool, all the while breathing… Breathing? Yes.  Taking deep yogic breaths while swimming underwater! So peaceful.  Fully in the flow.  Blissful.  Timeless moments.  Effortless action. But then I became afraid, thinking “This can’t Read more about The Magic of Breathing Under Water[…]

Being True to Yourself

Many live a story of who they think are, or who they think they are supposed to be, rather than remaining true to who they really are. It happens by not being fully mindful of that quiet voice deep within.   Or worse yet, maybe you ignored your inner wisdom altogether! It is often only Read more about Being True to Yourself[…]