Underwater girl portrait in swimming pool.

This was no ordinary dream.  It  was a dream about authentic and transformative leadership:

I was swimming peacefully along the bottom of the pool, all the while breathing…


Yes.  Taking deep yogic breaths while swimming underwater!

So peaceful.  Fully in the flow.  Blissful.  Timeless moments.  Effortless action.

But then I became afraid, thinking “This can’t possibly be.”  I surfaced, lost the flow, and immediately awoke.  

This dream is an example of how your inner work makes a difference as a process of personal transformation.  When you can symbolically breathe while swimming under water, you can be effective doing most anything.

It begins with a feeling deep inside of you.  It requires courage and presence.  It is about getting in touch with the truth of who you are deep within your soul.

It is intentional.  It’s about trusting yourself– staying at the bottom of the pool, and breathing under water, rather than surfacing when fear arises.  Or even if you do surface, having the courageous presence to return.

It is being in full alignment with your authentic self, with nature, and with everything around you, inside out and outside in.

It is flow.  Effortless action.  Curiosity and creativity.  It’s about dreaming and imagination.  It’s about passion.

It’s about being enough.  Putting yourself out there with no expectation of anything in return.

It’s about inner wisdom.  It is knowing and using your strengths. You can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, touch it.  It permeates your entire being.  It can even show up in your dreams.

This is when synergy brings everything together.  You are fully present in the moment and experience, with all of your senses.  The experience just flows naturally, effortlessly, and authentically.  This is letting go of ego and your story.  It is about being truly who you are.

You become one with the natural world and connected to the unseen life force energy all around you.

Maybe you know how this feels.  Maybe you have been there.  Perhaps you are there.

This is about authentically leading with your with soul.  You are most effective when you live your truth and maintain integrity to your purpose.