stock-image-36967007“I love how I feel when I’m with you” is the story of an emotional experience you will always remember.

But as most know all too well, unless this feeling comes from an authentic source, your expectations can later be painfully dashed.

A positive experience is stimulated by both exciting and soothing the emotions.  Awe and delight are examples of excitement.  Love is a powerful soothing agent.  Similar to what is needed for a long-lasting love, an authentic experience of love is one you can trust and has staying power. From a consciousness or spiritual standpoint, love is an authentic intention of the soul.

Current marketing research encourages bringing the emotional connection to the experience equation.  How your customers experience you, your products, and your services clearly impacts your reputation and your bottom line.  If this is good for customers, why not also for your employees, leaders, partners, collaborative community, and even yourself?

A great emotional experience fuels basic human needs like love, belonging, safety, emotional security, and self esteem.  It also adds a pinch of delight to the senses as well!  You want folks to love your experience so much they stay and return again and again.  You want them to want to tell others about their experience with you!

People will always remember how you made them feel.  Consider expending as much effort with your customers, employees, leaders, partners, community, and even yourself as you would to win over that special person you love.

Love is a positive emotional experience metric than increases engagement. “I love how I feel when I’m with you” creates a story of ties that bind.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is the Trusted Leadership Advisor, Consulting & Licensed Psychologist, and ICF Credentialed Coach who brings more than 37 years experience to the arena of individual and interpersonal transformation.

By integrating ancient philosophy with current research and best practices, Cindy serves as a facilitator of meaningful change and restoration for individuals, for their relationships, and for their workplace cultures. She is known for her nonjudgmental approach, her delightful intuition, and her gift of ideation.

Cindy brings her unique personal brand of Consulting and Coaching Psychology to those in positions of leadership and service to others to help them bring the best of who they are to their life and their work. 

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