Many live a story of who they think are, or who they think they are supposed to be, rather than remaining true to who they really are.

It happens by not being fully mindful of that quiet voice deep within.   Or worse yet, maybe you ignored your inner wisdom altogether!

It is often only after the fact that one realizes the self-betrayal of having sacrificed the authentic person you are.  All too frequently you do what is expected — what you think you “should” do in any given role or situation.

Over time this can leave you empty, dissatisfied, resentful, and disillusioned.

When you are true to yourself, you can actually be more fully present to yourself and others over the long haul.  This develops into a calm and peaceful place.  Anxiety falls away in favor of an authentic self that stands firmly rooted in the knowledge of who you are and what you stand for.

But sometimes there is a struggle between your story and your truth — a terribly anxious place.

How do you know what is you and what is simply a story you tell yourself or others?

Sitting in mindfulness, letting go of the storyline, allows you to get in touch with the deeper parts of you.

You are not your story.