The Secret Sauce is Your Creative Genius

Maybe you’ve found yourself at the edge of burnout, stuck in a system that doesn’t fit who you are.  Perhaps you’ve built your life around a respected line of work, but it’s stifling you, inhibiting your joy, and destroying your inner peace.  For years you may have denied deep rumblings urging you in a different Read more about The Secret Sauce is Your Creative Genius[…]

Grow Your Spark

How to Grow Your Spark!

It only takes a tiny spark to build a rip-roaring fire. Our thoughts and feelings grow from a single spark in much the same way. We tend to have Velcro for noticing the sparks we don’t want, and we have Teflon for those we do. Thus, we unwittingly grow what is undesired when we allow a negative Read more about How to Grow Your Spark![…]

The Magic of Breathing Under Water

This was no ordinary dream.  It  was a dream about authentic and transformative leadership: I was swimming peacefully along the bottom of the pool, all the while breathing… Breathing? Yes.  Taking deep yogic breaths while swimming underwater! So peaceful.  Fully in the flow.  Blissful.  Timeless moments.  Effortless action. But then I became afraid, thinking “This can’t Read more about The Magic of Breathing Under Water[…]

Transcending A Difficult Moment

In the blink of an eye, what was up is now down, what was down is now up, and everything is now inside out and outside in. The intensity of the thoughts and emotion seem unbearable.  Some ordinary something, or perhaps not so ordinary at all, has pricked you, oh so deeply. This simply can’t be! Read more about Transcending A Difficult Moment[…]