An innocent inquisitiveness from a position of humble curiosity is useful when you wish to engage with others in a meaningful way.

Humble curiosity means to lean in with nonjudgmental interest, suspending preconceived notions. It involves a willingness to allow things to naturally unfold without your influence.

Whether connecting people, things, or ideas, curiosity can have greater potential when you combine it with humility.  Similarly, humility expands its impact when you add the element of curiosity.

Curiosity is about your intentional interest in exploring new possibilities, while humility is about authentic openness and integrity. Curiosity is about being mindful in your focus with the intention of learning something new.

Humility is being true to who you are, what you value, and that which is genuine and pure. This is quite the opposite of arrogance, pretense, and false sincerity. Humility has been found to be an essential quality of extraordinary leadership in the greatest of corporations.

A humble and kind curiosity is a “help me understand” kind of tone. Communication undertaken in this way builds a foundation of authentic openness and trust. The same communication from a one up, sarcastic, closed, or defensive posture can get you what you want at the moment, but with the long-term cost of increasing resistance and fear.

A humble curiosity is capable of seeking ways to validate the truth of another. It is a window to connection without sacrificing anyone’s position. It is a friend to both emotional and conversational intelligence.

You can’t connect with others by blaming them for your discomfort or objecting to how they are different. The first step to connection is understanding, and a humble curiosity helps clear that path. When you combine curiosity and humility, you can handle most any difficult conversation, which paves the way for greater tolerance, inclusion, equality, and acceptance. Humility and curiosity help you a find common ground to become a foundation for ongoing connection.

Humble curiosity comes from a place of love. Closed communication originates in fear. Love builds connections, fear creates barriers.

Curiosity creates space for an innocent journey of meaningful connection and possibility.  Whether you are asking powerful questions, encouraging new learning, or soothing frayed tensions, an attitude of humble curiosity lays the groundwork for creating deeper connections and more willing engagement.

Try being humble and curious about what is important to others, and seek to find common threads among the values you share.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is the Trusted Leadership Advisor, Coaching & Consulting Psychologist, and global ICF-PCC Credentialed Coach. She brings you nearly four decades of experience in the arena of personal and relational dynamics, growth, and transformation. 

She integrates current research and best practices with ancient philosophy to facilitate meaningful connections and change in individuals, relationships, and workplace cultures. She is known for her intuitive, inspirational, and nonjudgmental approach. 

Cindy offers her own unique brand of Coaching and Consulting Psychology to those in positions of leadership and service to others.  Her mission is to facilitate and support you in the necessary exploration and growth that will bring forth the best of who you are to your life, your relationships, and your work.   

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