The Secret Sauce is Your Creative Genius

Maybe you’ve found yourself at the brink of burnout, stuck in a system that no longer fits who you are. 

Perhaps you’ve built your life around a respected line of work, but it’s stifling you, inhibiting your joy, and destroying your inner peace. 

For years you may have denied deep rumblings urging you in a different direction. Or it’s possible your dreams got so buried beneath work that you don’t even remember what they are.

But sitting back and ignoring your inner yearnings is a denial of who you are and a betrayal of yourself and all you’re worth. When you do this it hurts not only your wellbeing, but it impacts all those around who you so love. 

Because what you’re denying is your creative genius — begging to be unleashed to design the work and life you love. Your creativity is the antidote to burnout! And it’s your responsibility to take this journey that’s most true to you. 

Your creative genius is your secret sauce – your most important ally for 21st-century business and personal survival. 

When you align yourself authentically, you develop a “self-actualized creativity” that’s “stimulated and unfrightened by the mysterious, the unknown….the uncertain” (Maslow, 1968, 1999, 3d Ed, Towards a Psychology of Being, p. 154).

Your creativity is your top leadership asset. It not only sets you apart from the rest, but it’s what helps you create and innovate with solutions to the improbable. 

Creativity is a key factor missing in most major health and wellness programs available. It’s no small wonder burnout remains at such an all-time high!

And, you don’t have to walk away from all you love to unleash your creative genius. But to live without regrets means you’ll need to take a firm stand.  While that will delight some, it will disappoint others as well. 

To effectively commit to living your passion, no matter how unconventionally creative you are, first you MUST value yourself fully, be your own authority, and then speak your courageous truth. Folks will take notice when you believe in yourself and know your worth! 

Please don’t sit back if you’re confused, uncertain, or even ambivalent about pursuing your dreams…. It’s never too late.

I have a client, who around 80 years of age, decided to pull out the stops in her pursuit of passion.  She courageously embarked on travels to Africa on repeated missions over a period of 7 years and did work about which about which she is still full of passion.  She almost didn’t make that first trip. But now she looks back with no regrets!  

So let yourself explore your dreams, visions, and inner yearnings. Let today be the beginning of a new era when you unleash your own creative genius! 


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is a Coaching and Consulting Psychologist with nearly four decades of experience. She specializes in wellbeing for holistically informed healthcare providers, professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs.  Learn more on her website: To contact her directly, please click here.

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