She could still hear reverberations of musical chanting. These were more than a silent echo in her mind.

Originating in her yoga class, the sounds seemed to continue wafting along in the air on their own unique path to infinity.

Mindfulness practice is like this too. It helps you recognize the sound of your own inner wisdom that perhaps you didn’t even realize was there.

You see, prior to the class, she had temporarily been lost in a whirling tornado of ongoing projects and deadlines. In that frazzled state of spinning mind, precious time had been lost on endless details and revisions of work. It is interesting how an intention of laser focus can easily transform into obsession.

But in this moment, although the work demands hadn’t changed, she was purposefully different. By staying in the space of the silent echo, she returned to her office on track and refreshed. The stillness of her mind made the following hours and days run more smoothly than even imagined.

Mindfulness and yoga practice can be helpful to locating that inner stillness.  Find a class or another similar method to practice. Begin by observing and counting your breaths. Find an old watch or clock and intentionally listen for the sound between the ticks. Go outdoors and take a slow observant walk in nature. Download a free app called Headspace for yet another simple way to begin.

In stillness you can begin to identify an ever present wisdom existing in the silent inner echo of your mind.