img_23501Even though you now only see clear blue sky and feel crisp autumn air, the situation post hurricane is dire for some.  It can be difficult to find a center of wisdom.

Many are inundated with cold flood waters. Most still don’t have clean drinking water. Some have no way to even boil water, as they are without electricity and perhaps don’t even have gas.

Life is neither “Either” nor “Or.” Opposites co-exist.  For example, solid ground remains beneath flood waters. Clear sky is always there beyond storm clouds.  These are things you take on faith.

Because multiple truths can be confusing, most find it is easier to stake one position and stand firm. This is the defense of the ego. It is not the place of centered wisdom.  Instead of seeing things as Either/Or, consider a more centered and wise position of Both/And.

To get to this wisdom, you may first need to validate and accept your immediate Either/Or view as truth. Only then can you have the courageous presence to step back far enough to gain a broader perspective.

At the intersection of the concentric circles of thinking, feeling, and behaving, you can find a center of peace and wisdom within you. This is also the home of your spirit. It is the place where you let go of the ego involved with taking a stand.

Always remember that each person is unique as to how swiftly they can make this shift.  Allow them the space they need to find their own wisdom.  Meanwhile, you can show them the way through the story you live and tell.

You can rely firmly on your center of peace and wisdom, to light your path forward.