A song can remind us of times long past. Music can also trigger physiological memories.

When a song triggers both your story and your soul connections, you can feel the associated electrical and chemical energy coursing neurologically through your body.

A close friend showed me a photo of a plaque she thought I should hang in my office. The words were those of the refrain of a spiritual hymn I recall well from childhood: “This is My Story, This is My Song”. She said it reminded her of the work I had been doing over the past year.

The melody behind this refrain jolted me back to childhood roots. Spiritual music had brought grounding and peace to times that were often chaotic as a child. Music had also connected me to values I continue to hold dear to this day.  I felt tears of appreciation for having been seen and for these memories of a time long past.

Over recent years, I have developed a meaningful relationship with spirituality through the practice of mindfulness.  More recently, I have learned a practice of bhkati yoga, as taught by my yogi friend, Lisa, owner of Breathing Space. The meditative call and response singing of sanskrit mantra in kirtan evokes feelings parallel to those familiar childhood spiritual experiences.

Life can be full of surprises like this. These were simple words on a plaque, just like mantras are simple sanskrit words.  It reminds us that everything new is old, and what is old is yet new.  All of it is uniquely remixed by our story as a way of knowing, understanding and sharing who we are.

Getting in touch with your spirit through song, mindfulness, or creative art forms, can have a profound neurological affect on your being in ways that science cannot yet fully measure.  Be intentional about coming from a place aligned with your soul.