Tropical Blue Ocean Wave

When you let go of ego and live your intention to align with your soul, you can find those moments of effortless action, when you are fully in flow.

Becoming mindfully present, curious, and creative requires letting go of the fears, desires and needs of the ego and leading with your soul.

Symbolically, this is like a dream about the magic of breathing underwater.

Yet instinctively, and without realizing it, your ego will begin to second guess your actions.  Symbolically you will ask how can this be that you are breathing underwater? It can’t be this easy! Your fear kicks in and your story thus begins. And now you become fearful, and you want to come up to the surface, because you are trusting you ego over the power of your soul. .

It is when you are afraid that you signal the body’s natural alarm system.  You can inadvertently send yourself into a manic state of fight, flight, or freeze!  You lose the flow.  Effortless action and the magic are now lost to your story and the resulting alarm.

Once fear has taken over, it shuts down your effectiveness.

Fear happens when you become self conscious about what you are doing.  It begins with the story in your head.  Ego becomes involved, which is actually intending to protect you.  You are no longer stepping back and simply observing.  You are now judging and projecting your story onto the experience.

The result is that now you are afraid.  What if you drown?  The storyline designed to protect you has already taken you down.

To let go of the story, along with it’s accompanying fear, means to let go of your ego defense.  How scary in and of itself!  You must allow yourself to stay in your experience of the moment without judgment.  It is about having curiosity and courageous presence rather than creating a story about it.

The remedy begins with trusting your authentic self.  If you can’t trust you, then who else can?