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Well-Being Can Flourish in the Absence of Noise

In the absence of noise, well-being can flourish. Yet absence implies the loss of something. This reminds me that with every loss there’s a gain and with every gain there’s a loss. I encountered an unexpected silence all around me the day my precious Bubba Boy left this world. It wasn’t that he’d been noisy Read more about Well-Being Can Flourish in the Absence of Noise[…]


Be Intentional About Your Energy Today

Energy makes a difference. It can connect or separate us. Even one person can change the energy around them, positively or negatively. Negative energy is driven by fear and aversive emotions.  Positive energy is fueled by love. It makes sense to be intentional about your energy and its origins. Fear-driven energy often originates in the fears Read more about Be Intentional About Your Energy Today[…]

About Presence

About Presence

Presence is about essence and energy. It is about you being present to yourself and to others.  It includes your moment to moment experience of the now. Presence involves both your visibility and the energy others experience of you. Being fully present is being completely awake to all aspects of being. No words are required. You Read more about About Presence[…]

humble curiosity opens the window to connection

Humble Curiosity Is A Pathway to Meaningful Connection

An innocent inquisitiveness from a position of humble curiosity is useful when you wish to engage with others in a meaningful way. Humble curiosity means to lean in with nonjudgmental interest, suspending preconceived notions. It involves a willingness to allow things to naturally unfold without your influence. Whether connecting people, things, or ideas, curiosity can Read more about Humble Curiosity Is A Pathway to Meaningful Connection[…]

Pausing to reflect can increase you vision and perspective with which to set a more effective intention.

Pause to Check your Intention to Improve Its Power and Effectiveness

Fuel your intention with a powerful energy. The energy fueling your intention can be more powerful than the intention itself. The road paved with good intentions will follows the pathway of the energy beneath the intent. When you dig deeply at the base of your intention, you will find one of the basic life energies Read more about Pause to Check your Intention to Improve Its Power and Effectiveness[…]

Unconditional love, like that which we get from our canine friends, can be the most powerful emotional experience on the planet.

Love is a Powerful Emotional Experience Metric to Always Consider

“I love how I feel when I’m with you” is the story of an emotional experience you will always remember. But as most know all too well, unless this feeling comes from an authentic source, your expectations can later be painfully dashed. A positive experience is stimulated by both exciting and soothing the emotions.  Awe Read more about Love is a Powerful Emotional Experience Metric to Always Consider[…]

Your Leadership Story

Think about the leadership story you live and tell.  Is it your truth, or is it superficially wrapped and tied with a bow? An authentic story aligns with your core values and with the truth of who you are. Some tell a story that is not in alignment with their truth. This is more about Read more about Your Leadership Story[…]

Leading With Your Soul

Leadership is too often about ego dynamics and an attachment to your story, resulting in much of the dysfunction we see in our world. True authentic leadership is a powerful story about leading with your soul, which is  much easier to say than do. Leading with soul is to be guided by higher levels of values Read more about Leading With Your Soul[…]

fear, inner self, tiger

Transform Fear with Curiosity – Shake Hands With Your Tiger

Fear can seriously undermine your leadership effectiveness.   But you can transform fear in your waking life as well as in your dreams. Recently, I had a dream in which  a ferocious tiger was chasing me inside a room.  He could knock me over with a mere sideways glance. I couldn’t get away from him Read more about Transform Fear with Curiosity – Shake Hands With Your Tiger[…]

courageous presence

Courageous Presence: Mindfulness Even in Times of Adversity

To live and lead effectively, you must develop and maintain an authentically courageous presence.  This is not to be confused with false bravado.  Authentic courage is actually about love. Maintaining a courageous presence means you must come home to and be in alignment with your true self, aka your soul and your higher power. Interestingly, Read more about Courageous Presence: Mindfulness Even in Times of Adversity[…]